18 11 / 2012

As a longtime supporter of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddy Prinze Jr., I was obviously elated when they announced they were expecting their second child.

I followed Sarah’s pregnancy very closely, careful to never miss a day of her boho chic baby bump style.

But when I found out that they named their little one Rocky, as in Balboa/Top, I do believe I passed out? I at least know things got very, very blurry.

On the bright side, Rocky’s middle name is James. Which is kind of normal. And by normal I mean not an alternate word for sediment. So maybe things are looking up for the poor kid.

That is a very big maybe.

13 9 / 2012

Wow, Reese Witherspoon. Have you still not given birth to this baby?

I mean…what are you waiting for here, the second coming?

Well whenever you do decide to finally have this child, please try not to name it Camden.

Because Kristin Cavallari already claimed that moniker last month when she welcomed her son. And then as of last night, so did Vanessa Lachey.

That’s like, wearing the same gown to LIFE LONG red carpet event. A fetal faux pas, if you will.

I would also steer clear of Cameron, just because it sounds similar. I mean, you don’t want your child to be confused with the offspring of Kristin  or Vanessa Lachey, do you?

If you’re new here, the answer is no. You really do not want that.

15 7 / 2012

As if Reese Witherspoon could not get any cuter.

Let’s just add a baby bump.

I’m so excited about the birth of this child ya’ll. Mainly because I can really count on Reese to deliver (pun intended) a good solid baby name.

The woman is too classy to choose something weird, but she’s not boring enough to choose a name we’re all sick and tired of. I mean, properly naming a child is a skill that cannot be taught. It’s a natural talent and this lady has it.

Reese, as you can see I have really high expectations for you. Please don’t blow it and name your child Cushion.