02 12 / 2012

Well well well.

Look who’s adding fuel to their own fire.

Not that it needed any of course. For weeks now, all of Hollywood has been abuzz with whispers of a Harry Style/Taylor Swift romance.

And their stroll in Central Park(!!) this afternoon has turned those whispers into shouts of triumphant joy.

I have to say, I think this relationship has real potential. I expect lots of cable knit, hand holding, and some kind of acoustic duet.

But please no matching denim. (Looking at you, Justin & Britney.)

07 10 / 2012

Okay you guys. Someone needs to tell Christina Aguilera that My Little Pony Boho Chic is not really a thing right now.

I actually spend a lot of my time hoping that it never becomes one.

Anyway. It’s not going to be me. Because 1) her new album cover gives me nightmares. And 2) speaking to/contacting her in any way would directly conflict with my innate desire to remain a faithful member of Team Britney until the day I die.

So um. I guess that means one of you people have to be the bearer of bad news.

Nose goes?

21 9 / 2012

Frugal Fashionista

Are you kidding me?

If I was Jayden or Sean, I would be fuming right about now.

Their mother, Britney Spears, was seen cleaning out the kids section of Old Navy yesterday.

Years of fame & fortune…and $6 polos & cargo pants is the best you got?

I think you should stick to hooking your children up with VIP passes to Yo Gabba Gabba, Britney. And leave the bargain hunting to K-Fed.

But if you must shop as a commoner, at least try the Gap.

05 7 / 2012

And what do we have here?

Appears to be a photo of Britney Spears acting like an emotionally stable human being. And even, dare I say it, a responsible mother.

Trust me, I was just as shocked as you are.