08 1 / 2013

I love Emma Stone in this red Lanvin dress at the LA premiere of Gangster Squad SO MUCH, that I almost forgot Ryan Gosling was even there.


03 1 / 2013

Look. I’m a pretty patient person.

But how long am I going to have to wait for Suri Cruise to debut her clothing line?

What is she waiting for anyways, her 7th Birthday?

27 11 / 2012

I always thought Eva Mendes was a class act.

But dangling the most coveted man in America right in front of my face, and laughing/wearing that Max Mara coat while doing it?

Well let’s just say Eva you can forget about all those times I cried along with you during the Paris Island scene in Hitch. They mean nothing now! You hear me? NOTHING.

Class act my foot.

14 11 / 2012

If I had to wear one outfit for the rest of my life, it would be this one.

I’m not kidding either. And yes, I know a green sequined pencil skirt isn’t exactly going to work for every occasion. But that is a risk I am more than willing to take.

I mean think of all the times it WOULD work.

Christmas & New Years, obviously. Your Birthday. A Taylor Swift concert. Picture Day. When your husband finally takes you to Olive Garden for the endless pasta bowl.

I could go on but you get it.

14 11 / 2012

Kristen Stewart didn’t anyone tell you?

Brothel chic is out.

Unless of course you’re going to a Madonna concert.

03 11 / 2012

Can we please talk about Ben Affleck’s ability to rock winter layers?

Let’s be honest, cold weather is rolling in and dressing properly for the dropping temps is a kind of art form. Especially for the male species.

We’ve seen it done wrong, (I won’t name names but KANYE) and now thankfully Ben, pictured here with his wife Jennifer Garner, shows men all across America how to do it just right.

I think really, the biggest thing the man has taught us all about layering is that you must accessorize correctly.

Meaning the entire look will be weakened if you don’t have some kind of facial hair or a cup of coffee in your hand.

Preferably both. To maximize the effect.

02 11 / 2012

As a woman, there is nothing more detrimental to your self confidence than staring at Carrie Underwood in a gorgeous gown.

Except for maybe staring at her in TWELVE gorgeous gowns.

For three hours.

Remind me why I watched the CMA’s again?

Ohhh yeah. Luke Bryan.

02 11 / 2012

Call me crazy.

But I kind of miss the days when Taylor Swift wore her hair curly/any color other than red.

13 10 / 2012

I don’t understand how Katie Holmes can look so effortlessly chic one day.

And so, oh gosh how should I say this…um. Hygienically abandoned the next.

11 10 / 2012

This is my third consecutive day being forced to look at photos of Kate in a gorgeous coat.

I’m tired. I’m frustrated. I’m depressed.

At this point, I’ve eaten so much chocolate that I think I need my stomach pumped.

But I feel like Kate sensed that in me? And she has shown me mercy by wearing this black coat while leaving Loulou’s in Mayfair last night.

You see. If the coat is black, and it’s dark outside, then I can’t really see it that well.

Therefore I can’t tell how gorgeous it is or how badly I want to own it.

Which means I can kind-of-sort-of turn a blind eye, move on with my life, and get back to consuming socially acceptable amounts of chocolate.

I can already tell. Kate will make such a gracious queen.