28 11 / 2012


I was really hoping that Kate’s next major life change would have been a child.

But I’ll take fringe bangs.

I mean if you think about it they’re almost the same. Both require lots of patience & work, and most of the time they never do what you want them to.

06 11 / 2012

Citizens of America. As you know, today is a very important day for our country. One that we have been anxiously awaiting for a very long time.

It’s Emma Stone’s 24th Birthday!

Oh. And Election Day.

So in honor of both, let’s vote:

Do you love Emma as a blonde, brunette, or redhead?

Go ahead. Let your voice be heard! It’s your civic duty people.

02 11 / 2012

Call me crazy.

But I kind of miss the days when Taylor Swift wore her hair curly/any color other than red.

13 10 / 2012

I don’t understand how Katie Holmes can look so effortlessly chic one day.

And so, oh gosh how should I say this…um. Hygienically abandoned the next.

07 10 / 2012

Okay you guys. Someone needs to tell Christina Aguilera that My Little Pony Boho Chic is not really a thing right now.

I actually spend a lot of my time hoping that it never becomes one.

Anyway. It’s not going to be me. Because 1) her new album cover gives me nightmares. And 2) speaking to/contacting her in any way would directly conflict with my innate desire to remain a faithful member of Team Britney until the day I die.

So um. I guess that means one of you people have to be the bearer of bad news.

Nose goes?