02 11 / 2012

This is clearly more for Sandra than it is for Louis who, per usual, looks unamused.

Louis Bullock when are you going to get it? Your Mom is America’s sweetheart. She is wearing cowhide chaps for you? You’re holding her hand/a bag full of candy?

Life is looking pretty good for you right now kid.

02 11 / 2012

Well. After a few days to reflect, I’ve decided that this photo of Nahla Aubrey has to be the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen.

It seems as if she’s dressed to portray some kind of Strawberry Shortcake/Candy Land girl scout character? But her paint job suggests a Memoirs of a Geisha kind of feel.

Either way the poor child is clearly confused. And I think it’s safe to say we’re all questioning Halle Berry’s parenting skills right about now.

13 9 / 2012

Well. I know what I’M going to be for Halloween this year.

I mean, I was planning on dressing up as Gabby Douglas.

But that will simply have to wait.

I think I just heard the entire world just let out a collective sigh of relief.

All of my Gabby plans were thrown out the window the moment I saw Kate attend a formal dinner hosted by Malaysia’s head of state in this custom made Alexander McQueen gown.

(Who cares if it’s white. It is that gorgeous.)

Now the only problem is, I doubt I can get my hands on/fit my hips into the real thing.

So I’m going to need a skilled seamstress to make me a replica. Any takers?

Someone speak up please. Before I’m forced to roam the darkened streets in a hot pink velvet leotard.