01 1 / 2013

Kim & Kanye have announced their Kegnancy! And according to reports, the mom-to-be is only about 3 months along, which means that E! will have to wait a few more weeks until this fetus develops the fingers it will need to sign it’s contract.

And you know there will be a contract.

But in the mean time let’s think of pretentious baby names that start with K!

I’m thinking Kadillac if it’s a boy. Kristal if it’s a girl. Like the champagne.

But with a K.


10 12 / 2012

A weekend in review:

  • Kate Middleton is still throwing up. Bless her heart.
  • The cast of Downton Abbey attended a New York Knicks game. Out of costume. Almost went unrecognized.
  • Kim Kardashian’s kitten died. Have Mercy.
  • The Mistletones premiered on ABC Family! Because all anyone wants for Christmas is a musical starring Tori Spelling?
  • Taylor Swift & Harry Styles are still dating. (Happy 1 Week you guys!)
  • And wearing the same jeans.
  • Ryan Gosling still looks ridiculously attractive in cardigans.

02 7 / 2012

When will Jay-Z & Beyonce learn that they are Hollywood royalty & do not have to pull stunts like this anymore. Socializing with the less fortunate just to get attention? And pretending to enjoy it, no less?

Everyone already loves you! You do not have to sit with these people!

Thick skulls, those two.

30 6 / 2012

Just when you think celebrities only care about themselves. Kimye is spotted paying a visit to a Hollywood children’s hospital.

What they did during their stay exactly? We don’t know.

Maybe Kanye entertained the children with his newest rap, filled with profanities & references to illegal drugs.

Or perhaps Kim introduced the youngsters to her newest line of affordable leopard print jeggings.

I guess we’ll never really know. But seeing as Kanye is scowling & wearing denim, it would seem as if he was forced into the outing.

It’s no secret who wears the pants in this relationship.

The $1,500 J Brand lambskin leather pants, of course.