02 12 / 2012

Well well well.

Look who’s adding fuel to their own fire.

Not that it needed any of course. For weeks now, all of Hollywood has been abuzz with whispers of a Harry Style/Taylor Swift romance.

And their stroll in Central Park(!!) this afternoon has turned those whispers into shouts of triumphant joy.

I have to say, I think this relationship has real potential. I expect lots of cable knit, hand holding, and some kind of acoustic duet.

But please no matching denim. (Looking at you, Justin & Britney.)

24 9 / 2012

After finally picking my jaw up off the floor following Sophia Vergara’s red carpet entrance…I made this list of thoughts regarding last night’s Primetime Emmy Awards:

  • Enough already, Hiedi Klum. We get it. You’re a bombshell.
  • If I ever leave my husband, it will be to run away with Leslie Mann’s Naeem Khan gown.
  • We would be so happy together.
  • Ginnifer Goodwin can do no wrong.
  • What do you think Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban like, talk about?
  • Giuliana Rancic, stop trying to make the mani cam happen. It’s not going to happen!
  • Zooey Deschanel for President!
  • Worst hair goes straight to Ashley Judd.
  • Cutest couple goes to Tina Fey & Amy Poehler.
  • Scariest dress (that’s a thing, right?) goes to January Jones.
  • In my own personal heaven, Josh Groban sings One Direction all day long.
  • And his piano is made of cupcakes.
  • Downton Snubbey.
  • Kat Dennings openly admitted that she did NOT get a pedicure before attending the awards. What a lady…
  • Did Claire Danes say “holla” during her acceptance speech or was I hearing things?

Well I think that’ll do it!

Except for one more thing. Next year let’s just go ahead and call this thing what it is.

The Primetime Homeland/Modern Family Awards.