08 1 / 2013

I love Emma Stone in this red Lanvin dress at the LA premiere of Gangster Squad SO MUCH, that I almost forgot Ryan Gosling was even there.


02 11 / 2012

Call me crazy.

But I kind of miss the days when Taylor Swift wore her hair curly/any color other than red.

14 8 / 2012

Anyone going through a breakup?

Well at the risk of sounding inconsiderate, consider yourself lucky.

Because all of us on the other side, sitting here happily taken with people who don’t treat us like dirt, have absolutely no reason to belt out Taylor Swift’s new single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

I mean, I’d do anything to be sitting on my parent’s couch right now crying over Scott Axtell with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s at the ready.

Did I ever even date Scott Axtell? I mean sort of? Kind of? In my head?

You know what this is not about rubbing salt in my still very much open 9th grade wounds.

It’s about the fact that all you single people get to trot around singing along to this crazy catchy song, while the rest of us sit here in blissful happiness.

It’s just no fair I tell you. No fair at all.