04 12 / 2012

Let it be known that Kalingspoon is now a thing.

In this week’s edition of (Hilarious) Ladies Who Lunch, Reese and Mindy met up on Saturday at Tavern Restaurant in LA.

I don’t know what club this is or how to get invited. But I want in.

27 9 / 2012

About time, lady.

I mean um…congrats! After nine painfully long years months, Reese Witherspoon has finally given birth to her 3rd child.

The Sweet Home Alabama actress and her husband, Jim Toth, welcomed little Tennessee James into the world today.

Now, as you may know. I have placed a lot of confidence in Reese’s baby naming skills. So you can imagine my surprise/horror/confusion/disgust when I first heard the little guy’s moniker.

But after a while, I’m kind of starting to come around.

I mean. At least we’ll never forget the 16th state admitted into the Union?

And really, it could be much worse. 

Lest we forget the Apple Martin debacle of ‘04.

13 9 / 2012

Wow, Reese Witherspoon. Have you still not given birth to this baby?

I mean…what are you waiting for here, the second coming?

Well whenever you do decide to finally have this child, please try not to name it Camden.

Because Kristin Cavallari already claimed that moniker last month when she welcomed her son. And then as of last night, so did Vanessa Lachey.

That’s like, wearing the same gown to LIFE LONG red carpet event. A fetal faux pas, if you will.

I would also steer clear of Cameron, just because it sounds similar. I mean, you don’t want your child to be confused with the offspring of Kristin  or Vanessa Lachey, do you?

If you’re new here, the answer is no. You really do not want that.

20 7 / 2012

Now I don’t usually condone women wearing trucker hats.

Or plaid, for that matter.

But if you ask me, a pregnant Reese Witherspoon could wear a neon fringe bikini top & I would not only allow it but applaud it.

Have we addressed my disdain for neon fringe bikini tops yet?

I didn’t think so.

They make me sick.