13 12 / 2012

This one has me confused. I mean absolutely stumped.

Is this a blossoming romance between two of the world’s most beloved pop stars?

Or is this a holiday Gap ad.

Could go either way. But I’m leaning very strongly towards the Gap ad.

02 12 / 2012

Well well well.

Look who’s adding fuel to their own fire.

Not that it needed any of course. For weeks now, all of Hollywood has been abuzz with whispers of a Harry Style/Taylor Swift romance.

And their stroll in Central Park(!!) this afternoon has turned those whispers into shouts of triumphant joy.

I have to say, I think this relationship has real potential. I expect lots of cable knit, hand holding, and some kind of acoustic duet.

But please no matching denim. (Looking at you, Justin & Britney.)

27 11 / 2012

I always thought Eva Mendes was a class act.

But dangling the most coveted man in America right in front of my face, and laughing/wearing that Max Mara coat while doing it?

Well let’s just say Eva you can forget about all those times I cried along with you during the Paris Island scene in Hitch. They mean nothing now! You hear me? NOTHING.

Class act my foot.