08 1 / 2013

I love Emma Stone in this red Lanvin dress at the LA premiere of Gangster Squad SO MUCH, that I almost forgot Ryan Gosling was even there.


10 12 / 2012

A weekend in review:

  • Kate Middleton is still throwing up. Bless her heart.
  • The cast of Downton Abbey attended a New York Knicks game. Out of costume. Almost went unrecognized.
  • Kim Kardashian’s kitten died. Have Mercy.
  • The Mistletones premiered on ABC Family! Because all anyone wants for Christmas is a musical starring Tori Spelling?
  • Taylor Swift & Harry Styles are still dating. (Happy 1 Week you guys!)
  • And wearing the same jeans.
  • Ryan Gosling still looks ridiculously attractive in cardigans.

27 11 / 2012

I always thought Eva Mendes was a class act.

But dangling the most coveted man in America right in front of my face, and laughing/wearing that Max Mara coat while doing it?

Well let’s just say Eva you can forget about all those times I cried along with you during the Paris Island scene in Hitch. They mean nothing now! You hear me? NOTHING.

Class act my foot.

01 8 / 2012

Poor Rachel McAdams.

You used to date Ryan Gosling…remember that?

Now you do your own grocery shopping, wear frumpy cardigans, and date a man with a receeding hairline.

I hope you’re happy.

15 7 / 2012

Can you get fined for drooling in a public place?

Because I’m in Panera right now, and this is starting to get kind of messy.

Yep. This photo of Ryan Gosling has turned me into a public drooler. And I am perfectly okay with that.

Except it may be ruining my cardigan.

Which is fine. I’ve been looking for an excuse to order a monogrammed bib off of Etsy anyway.

01 7 / 2012

Happy Canada Day, ya’ll!

In honor of America’s Hat, we shall spend today honoring the greatest gift that country has ever given us. Justin Bieber. Or, if Justin isn’t your cup of tea—you’re nuts but you can celebrate Shania Twain or something.

In addition to Justin, it wouldn’t be right not to recognize Canada’s other gift to us: The striking & sensitive speciman that is Ryan Gosling.

What a generous nation.

So we’re going to need to stare at photos of Ryan & listen to Justin Bieber songs all day long. If we want to truly embrace the Canadian culture.

Shouldn’t be too hard, eh?