14 11 / 2012

Kristen Stewart didn’t anyone tell you?

Brothel chic is out.

Unless of course you’re going to a Madonna concert.

03 11 / 2012

Kristen Stewart there is really no nice way to say this.

But maybe you should stick to never ever smiling?

Turns out chronic crabbiness is a much better look on you.

14 8 / 2012

Well what do we have here.

Looks like Robert Pattinson has finally emerged. And I must say, for being smack dab in the middle of one of the world’s most publicized break-ups, he looks pretty good.

I mean he doesn’t have that Edward Cullen glow or anything, but it seems he’s brushed his teeth and his hair in the same day. Which must mean he’s at least somewhat emotionally stable.

No word yet from his (possible/probable) ex, Kristen Stewart. Although I’ve heard she’s been spending her days ducking in and out of a local Golds Gym.

So basically she went from dating one of Hollywood’s most coveted men, to working out in a gymnasium frequented by Arnold Schwarzenegger?

That’s actually kind of impressive. In a really tragic way.

Anyways. Way to go Rob, for thrusting yourself back into the media so soon after heartbreak. And—for not lowering yourself to daily workouts at a co-ed facility open to the public.

You’re way too rich good for that.